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Fancy Whiter Teeth?

Fancy whiter teeth? Then you need to know what to look for
To the Americans we are known as the land of yellow teeth. Rightly or not we have been much slower than our American cousins in taking action to create the perfect smile.

It is not obvious to many that teeth whitening is regarded in law and by the General Dental Council as a regulated form of dentistry and any one suggesting they can perform teeth whitening without dental supervision are acting illegally. Self whitening treatments also carry many risks.

Some home kits don’t contain enough of the whitening product to be effective. Often the mouth guard provided may not fit properly with a subsequent leakage of the bleaching gel onto your gums and into your mouth, causing blistering and sensitivity.

The treatment if properly overseen by a dentist is however reasonably pain free and effective. But remember you will a number of visits to your dentist.

Initially the dentist will take an impression of your teeth to make a mouth guard.  Using the manual whitening system he will instruct you how to use it with a bleaching gel. Using your mouth guard at home, you can regularly apply the gel for a specified period of time over two to four weeks. Some whitening gels can be left on for up to eight hours at a time, which shortens the treatment period to one week.

Power whitening or laser whitening is where a bleaching product is painted onto your teeth and then a light or laser is shone on them to activate the whitening. Laser whitening takes about an hour.

Dental therapists and hygienists can carry out teeth whitening under prescriptive instructions of a dentist.