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Who You Will Meet at the Dentist

Your journey through a dental practice starts with the Dental Receptionist, who is usually the first person you will meet.  They will be key to taking down relevant and private information to help the dentist add to your health record.
They will be involved in making additional appointments for you and being your link with your chosen dentist.

The dentist is a highly trained and registered individual who will look after your continued dental care as well as any oral health problems they detect. Whilst dealing with tooth decay, and gum disease they are also in the front line of preventive dental care providing advice on cleaning and caring for your mouth. He will be assisted by a dental nurse who will assist in the room with note tacking, equipment and filling preparation, X rays and keeping you comfortable.

Often the dentist will recommend you see the Dental Hygienist who can offer specific advice on oral care, clean and scale and polish your teeth and offer sealant and whitening treatments to you.

Your dentist can also delegate oral work to a dental therapist who acts under the written instructions of the dentist.  They are particularly useful to the dental practice in helping with the young and older patients with learning difficulties.

In denture work and reconstruction facial work your dentist will work closely with a dental technician who will make dentures, crowns, bridges and braces.

Some dentists specialise in straightening your teeth especially with young developing teeth and they are called Orthodontists.