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A Trip to Your Dentist

Unsurprisingly a trip to the dentist conjures up great fear amongst a significant minority of adults. Probably more so than in young children of which sector many have not experienced the painful events that their elders have remembered from the distant pass.
Significant changes in dental equipment, treatment and preventative dental care have made a trip to the dentist a much more pleasant experience for us all.

Dentistry now covers a broad spectrum of help and treatments both in preventative health advice and oral health advice on cleaning and good hygiene through to whitening and laminated veneers in cosmetic dentistry.

More complex treatments are now widely available and successful with bridgework and crowns implants and dentures and orthodontic treatments and gum treatments. (Periodontal Care)
Good practice in dental care should start from an early age and this site aims to make it easier for families to adhere to an easy care system that will provide good dental care for life.

We hope to provide a useful listing of all dental practices in the future describing their specialities and whether they provide either a mix of NHS/Private Care, or one or the other.

In the meantime here is a link to the people you will come across at the dental practice and their jobs