About My Local Dentist

This site is provided by Primary Health Net, one among a series of informative websites in healthcare giving information to the public on the products and services available within each health sector.
We are busy writing pages to inform you about the exciting new services available in dentistry for all the family including preventative care, cosmetic improvement and new developments in products.

When complete our My Local Dentist will follow the successful example of its sister website www.mylocaloptician.co.uk  by providing a listing of all dentists in the UK, their method of service (NHS/Private/Mixed), specialities and products available.

We will also look at different problems that can occur throughout one’s life and how best to prevent disease and damage to your teeth.

If you are connected to the dental industry and would like to provide content for pages, information about your surgery, or advertise on the site products and services just email info@primaryhealthnet.com

The new site will also offer opportunities for sponsorship on head and sub pages, banners and ads plus a supplier’s guide with links to other industry websites.
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